Arthur Balder’s ‘American Mirror – Intimations of Immortality’ has been part of almost 60 official selections around the world in 2019 and 2020. Among many others of remarkable value, stand out the 53rd Carthage Film Festival (Oscar-qualifying), Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (A-Class FIAPF feature-length competitive), Milano Film Festival (part of the official selections The Outsiders, a selection of the best twelve independent films in the international scenario).

(Photo: Arthur Balder receives Best Documentary Feature Award 2019 from film producer Murray Woodfield, director of the UK Film Festival, on November 23, 2019, at the SoHo Hotel Cinema, London.)

The film has been consistently winning awards for Best Cinematography (Sydney Independent Film Festival, DOC LA Parajanov-Vartanov Institute, Jaipur International Film Festival 2020), has been winner or finalist for Best Original Soundtrack (by composer Mark Petrie) several times (among others the International Sound & Film Music of Croatia), has been awarded as Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Experimental Film, Best Film of Festival (Arlington Intl Film Festival 2019), Grand Prix Winner (Prvi Kadar Intl Film Festival of Sarajevo), a Remi Award (53rd Worldfest Houston 2020), and in sum, has been hailed as one of the rarest, most beautiful, intriguing, yet powerful cinematic statements of the decade by significant critical voices in the context of some of the most important festivals of the world, as published in the pages of Le Quotidienne des Journées cinématographiques Du Carthage, signed by Ph.D. Meriam Azizi on account of the screenings during the 53rd Carthage Film Festival: American Mirror joins the pantheon of such films as David Lynch’s or Stanley Kubrick’s (…) it is a masterpiece.

Official Selections & Wins (selection):

Carthage Film Festival – Journees Cinematographiques Du Carthage (2019, Official Selection, Oscar-qualifying).

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (2019, FIAPF A-class feature competitive).

Milano Film Festival (2019, Official Selection).

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival (2019 winner Honorable Jury Mention).

Ferrara Film Festival (Official Selection 2020).

Jaipur International Film Festival (most awarded film of the festival in 2020, becoming also most awarded film in the history of the festival, winning Best Documentary Feature, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound and Red Rose Award for Best Released Film).

Kala Ghoda Arts Film Festival, Mumbai, India. Official Selection (2020).

Orlando Film Festival (Winner of Arts in Focus Award, 2019).

Prvi Kadar / First Frame international Film Festival, Sarajevo (winner Grand Prix for the Best Picture of Festival, 2019).

UK Film Festival (Winner Best Documentary Feature, 2019).

Near Nazareth Film Festival, Israel (winner Best Documentary Award, 2019).

Asti Film Festival, Italy, (winner Premio Giura ASTIDOC competition, 2019.)

Oaxaca FilmFest, (finalist for Best Feature Film, 2019).

Guayaquil International Film Festival, Ecuador (winner Golden Iguana for Best International Documentary, 2019).

Sydney Indie Film Festival (winner Best Cinematography, 2019).

Arlington International Film Festival (winner Best of Festival, 2019).

Mosaic World Film Festival, IL (winner Best Film of Festival Spotlight Award, 2019).

Peak City International Film Festival, VA (winner Best Director Feature, 2019).

Ierapetra Documentary Film Festival, Greece (winner Audience Award, Best Director Award, 2019)

Visions Du Reel, Switzerland, (Official Selection, 2019)

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Florida (Official Selection 2019).

Studio City International Film Festival, North Hollywood (2019).

Burbank International Film Festival (Finalist Best Original Soundtrack, 2019.)

International Music & Sound Film Festival, Croatia (finalist Best Original Soundtrack Documentary, 2019).

Open World Toronto Film Festival (winner Best Experimental Film, 2019).

Fabrique Du Cinema Awards, Rome, Italy, (Winner Best International Documentary).

DOC LA, Los Angeles (winner Best Original Soundtrack, Best Innovative Film, Best Cinematography).

Parajanov-Vartanov Institute of Los Angeles (winner Parajanov-Vartanov Award).

Lucky Strike Film Festival, Los Angeles (winner Best Feature Film, 2019).

Santa Cruz Film Festival, CA (Finalist Best Film, 2019).

Richmond Intl’ Film Festival (Finalist Best Documentary, 2019).

Caminhos Do Cinema, Portugal (Official Selection, Best Cinema Do Mondo, 2019).

Alexandre Trauner ART Film Festival, Hungary (2019).

Blow-Up Chicago Arthouse Film Festival (Finalist Best Documentary, Best Actress and Best Cinematography, 2019).

Pomegranate Film Festival of Toronto (winner Best Cinematography, Best Documentary).

Chesapeake Film festival, MA (finalist Best Documentary Film, 2019).

European Cinematography Awards (finalist best Film 2019).

Canadian Cinematography Awards (finalist best Film 2019).

Hollywood Golden Film Awards (Finalist Best Producer & Best Director 2019).

British Independent Film Festival (Official Selection 2020).

Romford Film Festival, London (Official Selection 2020).

53rd Worldfest Houston (Winner Remi Award best Experimental Drama, 2020).